Graves' Disease
Mental Health and an Insidiously Foggy Existence

Writing and Research by Tim Bennie
April, 2005
I feel like an individual who has awakened from a coma.
Graves' Disease is a thyroid illness that causes too much thyroid hormone to exist in the body. This can cause
the body to overheat, throw brain chemistry out of balance and initiate an array of physical
, mental and
behavioral problems

information in the below listed sections represents my ordeal with this illness over a fifteen year period. It
a description of my experiences, excerpts from medical research journals and a 30 page bibliography.  
Much of the document is the product of the
confused mind of a hyperthyroid patient. However, due to the
healing through the first part of 2005, my condition has improved.

I provide this information, particularly the research and bibliography, so that others so afflicted don't have to

endure their
ordeal with little or no knowledge as was my experience.
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Section 1 of 4. Introduction.  Title Page, Copyright, Dedication, Epigraph, Table of
Contents, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction.
Section 2 of 4. Affect on the Human Condition. Problem Development, Discovery,
Correction, Euthyroid, Not a Simple Solution.
Section 3 of 4. Medical Literature Excerpts and Life as a Thyroid Patient. Graves' Disease
and Hyperthyroidism, Background, Three Thyroid States, Life as a Thyroid Patient.
Section 4 of 4. Bibliography.
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